Unmanned surface vessels for defense

The momentum attained by Turkey’s defense industry started to bear its fruits, one by one. The sector’s newest product, much talked about thanks to its unmanned air vehicles, is the armed unmanned surface vessel (AUSV). The output of the efforts exerted towards the R&D investments; the vessel can be utilized for defense and surveillance purposes by the public and private sector.

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Publication date: 25 Mart 2021 Perşembe
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Turkish business realm, making its mark on numerous areas ranging from retails to automotive with its high-quality products, is also quite interested in research and development (R&D) studies. In 2020, the number of R&D centers reached 1.242 from 232 at the end of 2015. Machinery and equipment manufacturing is ranking first in the sectoral breakdown of these centers. Defense industry, remaining at the ninth rank in the list of R&D centers, has been widely benefiting from the works and products from software to electronics. Accelerating its growth rate in Turkey in terms of both main companies and suppliers, the defense industry is constantly revealing new products.


One of these products has been Turkey’s first armed unmanned surface vessel (AUSV). AUSV is the output of complex R&D studies and the prototype of the AUSV was completed by the end of 2020. Meteksan Savunma and Ares Shipyard have developed this vessel. Meteksan Savunma is a Defence & Aerospace Cluster (SAHA) member with hundreds of member companies from Istanbul and Northern Marmara. The AUSV stands out with its 400km range, 65km/h speed and day/night vision capabilities.


Built from advanced composites, the AUSV can be operated from headquarters and mobile vehicles, or sea platforms such as aircraft carriers or frigates. The vessel will actively perform missions like surveillance, escort missions and strategic infrastructure protection. Manufactured through R&D studies from its hull to the electronics installed, AUSV reveals both prominent companies and the Turkish companies that remain as suppliers in defense industry ecosystem.


A ULAQ series product, the AUSV can carry out joint operations with unmanned and manned air vehicles. AUSV capable of surveillance with artificial intelligence has no matches in the world.

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