Drones - the latest hobby of the amateurs

There is an unusual interest in flying drones as a pastime. The number of registered drone users in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM) system reached 300 thousand while the number of registered reached 45 thousand.

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Publication date: 25 Mart 2021 Perşembe
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The small unmanned air vehicles, also known as Drones, draw great interest in Turkey. Various types of unmanned air vehicles are used in scientific research, R&D studies, real estate, sports, travels and hobbies. In line with the legal process issued in 2016, the vehicles weighing over 500 grams are required to be notified. These unmanned air vehicles are registered into the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM). Moreover, the persons wishing to fly drones either for commercial purposes or as hobbies are obliged to receive the UAV pilot licenses. The applications can be made via the website of SHGM.



The enthusiasm about the unmanned air vehicles was also reflected in the access to SHGM’s website that contains the UAV Registry System. The monthly access to the website remained around 10-15 thousand last year; it reached a monthly average of 300 thousand in 2020.

Wishing to find answers to their questions like, “What should I do when I buy a drone?”, “Which type of vehicles are obliged to be registered?”, “Does everyone have to acquire a pilot license?”, “Over which areas are the flights forbidden?” rushed into SHGM’s website. Most of the website visitors applied to become a pilot and within six months, 200 thousand new applications were made to this end. Around 300 thousand people are registered in SHGM’s system, and the system includes over 40 thousand UAVs and 65 thousand certified UAV pilots.


Persons wishing to become a UAV pilot have to acquire certification from the training courses or training institutes authorized by the SHGM. The list of such centers for ones aiming to become a professional UAV pilot for commercial purposes can be viewed at the ‘Authorized Training Institutions’ over SHGM’s website.